When did you start vaping?
I started vaping in 2014.

How much did you used to smoke?
I'd have 10-15 roll ups a day.I used to smoke a 30g pound of Amber Leaf a week.

How much did you spend on smoking?
I think it was around £13 pound a week, It's been quite some time so I'm unsure of actual prices lol.

What made you want to quit?
I wanted to quit for my health. I also wanted to quit so my daughter wouldn't follow my same horrible habits once she's older too.


How did you find out about vaping?
My dad was the first one to introduce me to vaping as he had just brought a Big Nasty mechanical mod at the time. I had also seen advertisements and people out and about using Ego pens. 


What was your first kit?
My first vape kit was a Sting Ray mechanical tube with a Zenith dripper and a Kraken rebuildable tank atomizer.

What were your first struggles with vaping?
My struggles with vaping to begin with was to find the right type of kit for me. My next step was to try to find a flavour that I could vape all day and not get bored of. Last but not least I needed to find the right nicotine strength that worked for me. 

What was your favourite flavour to start with?
My first flavours to ever try was banana and custard and monkey fart. I bet you're all wondering what the flavour profile of monkey fart is lol its banana, coconut and praline.

How did your vaping journey change?
My vaping journey changed when I realised I had started on a direct to lung kit which I felt didn't help me personally as you didn't treat it like a cigarette. I then moved onto a mouth to lung kit which with a lower power setting and a higher Ohm coil worked a treat.

Did you have any other experiences through vaping?
I've had the pleasure of working for Island Vape UK at their very own Vapor Lifestyle event in Manchester back in 2018. 




What do you think about the ups and downs of the propaganda of vaping?
I think it's crazy how other countries have banned vaping or even certain flavours considering it's proven to be over 90% better than cigarettes. With over 14,000 chemicals in a cigarette or 4 ingredients in a vape juice, I know what one I'd pick.


What are your current favourite set ups? 
I've had a few from my double stacked ripper Mechanical Tube to my DNA orion pod. I'm currently using my Smok Fetch


What are your current favourite Juices?
My favourite 80/20 juice would have to be Bakers Daughter which is a white chocolate chip cookie with marshmallows mmmm. My favourite nic salt juice is and has been for the past 4 months by Fresh Vape Co called Urban Avenue, which is grape and blue raspberry

If money wasn’t a need, what set up would you next get?
I would love to one day finally own a Billet box or a Ulton Satburn hybrid Mechanical mod.