When did you start vaping?
February 2015!

How much did you used to smoke?

10-15 a day

How much did you spend on smoking?
Can't remember how much they use to cost, but I'd estimate £20 a week?

What made you want to quit?
The smell.

How did you find out about vaping?
Emille. He gave my a little starter kit, I didn't really think it would work, but after 2 weeks I realised my cigs were still in my glovebox and I hadn't touched nor thought about having one!

What was your first kit?
A teeny tiny little pen- you know the ones! the original 'vape' if you like.

What were your first struggles with vaping?
Building! I was so determined to learn. I'm still not great!

Meet the team at Island Vape Uk - Jade Goodman

What was your favourite flavour to start with?
Cosmic fog- shocker

How did your vaping journey change?
It's still changing. I originally said I'd never entertained a mech, then I loved them. I go between mouth to lung and straight to lung frequently. It used to frustrate me going off devices or juices, but I look at it like this- it's something I enjoy, I've saved money from not smoking and I'm much healthier. So, I'm not too hard on myself if I treat myself to a new mod. That's my excuse anyways!

Did you have any other experiences through vaping?
Meeting the most incredible people!
What do you think about the ups and downs of the propaganda of vaping?
Pisses me off. Anything regarding health should only be factual within the media. Some headlines that have been used in the past have been so misleading it's actually put people off potentially saving their life because they're now afraid of the healthier alternative. Ridiculous!
What are your current favourite set ups?
Good question! My tiff blue Dotmod. I saw its pre-release picture on instagram & it was love at first sight!
Can I have 2? Also my Drag X. SO good! I pop my high VG juice in this one

What are your current favourite Juices?
Jam on toast since 2016!
The new georgie porgy flavour which I can't say yet because it's not been released! 
& berry lemonade
If money wasn’t a need, what set up would you next get?
You know what I really wish I had back... my Hex! I loved that thing, so I'd get my own Hexohm designed. & every colour of the dotmod!