Did you know... Jae Jae is part of an incredible band called 'Lunaxis' and is pretty handy with a guitar! 

When did you start vaping?
Febuary 2014

How much did you used to smoke?
On average rolled 60 a day + 40  pack if i was going out.

How much did you spend on smoking?
About £80 a week (I think.. It’s been a while)

What made you want to quit?
In all honesty, I didn’t want to quit. I was more than happy with my 60+ a day habit. It wasn’t until my friend had said about how much I was smoking and she was worried about my health. Later on I fell in love with the devices (Itaste 134, Vamo v3) so even from the get go, I had my eyes on the more expensive devices.

How did you find out about vaping?
BBC News, strangely. Their tech show was showing off the new cig-a-like devices and I liked the style of them.

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What was your first kit?
Officially an eGo stick with a CE4 tank however, eleaf istick 30 with a nautilus mini stopped me smoking!

What was your first struggles with vaping?
Coffee first thing in the morning. Still had that habit 2 months down the line.

What was your favourite flavour to start with?
I had two flavours. Pink Wafer and Raspberry Sorbet

How did your vaping journey change ?
February - Starter kit. March - Direct to lung kit. April - started building my own coils.. somewhat quick escalation into the industry. By Christmas i had 7 devices and multiple drippers and tanks on the go

What do you think about the ups and downs of the propaganda of vaping?
I think there is still a big grey area for people who are not in the know. Misinformation of the health benefits are now more widely known but, I still think some of the older myths and information from different countries (with different laws/regulations) are still circulating around.

What is your current favourite set ups?
I have two set ups that never leave my side currently.
First one being an Aspire Flexus Q and the second would be the Stubby by Suicide mods with the Ether Boro Tank.

What is your current favourite Juices?
Pod Salt's Nexus range has really impressed me recently. Lime, Raspberry and Grapefruit (Citrus Mix) being my personal favorite.

Island vape uk Billing northampton | vape shop Jae Jae Sinfield

Last updated: Jan 2023