When did you start vaping.?
First vape was March 2012

How much did you smoke? 
4 packets of 30mg tobacco. 

What made you want to stop? 
My kids. They would ask me if I wanted to be around if/when I had grandkids.
How did you find out about vaping? 
I had a friend who had started vaping & introduced me to it.

First struggles? 
Not being completely satisfied with the vape I had bought & still smoking. 

First fave flavour? 
Tropical from USvapes. 

Island vape uk Corby | vape shop Joe Sheridan
Ups & downs of propaganda today?
I think that it's absolutely disgusting the disdane the tobacco companies, big pharma & the government have for the vape industry. Cigarette packets have contained warnings & pictures of the effects of smoking, but as soon as the public make a change to vaping, these organisations do their best to discredit vaping & destroy the industry. 

Fave current setup? 
I love all my mechs equally. I don't have favourites. 

Favourite juice? 
Easy... Mycheesecake Bueno & Raspberry Ripple. 

Money not an issue, what setup would I have? 
Kennedy cobblestone 
Island vape uk Corby | vape shop Joe Sheridan