Call to Action (World Health Organization : WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a statement in December 2023 regarding their plans to tackle vaping.

We've taken a snippet below which will affect us in the UK. 

Where countries permit the commercialization as consumer products, strong regulation is necessary. This includes, at a minimum: .
Regulating e-cigarettes to reduce their appeal and their harm to the population, including by:
- Banning all flavouring agents, including menthol and synthetic menthol analogues.
- Prohibiting attractive and/or promotional features related to the presentation and packaging of the products, such as colours or colouring properties, attractive descriptors, including names
- Regulating features that enable the user to manipulate the product, post-sale
- Limiting the concentration and quantity of nicotine, to reduce the risk of dependence
- Setting a maximum volume for e-cigarette cartridges, to limit toxicants exposure and use
- Setting a maximum battery power, to limit the influence of power on nicotine and toxicant delivery
- Prohibiting device features that permit transmission of information to and from third parties (including manufacturers), such as connections to smartphone apps, that could be used to collect personal information, details of use topography, or to remotely control the product
- Prohibiting additives that have carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic properties

The full report can be found here

Its time to have your say!! If the above is imposed we are all at risk of an industry collapse. There will be no more flavours, tonnes of restrictions and the industry will change forever. Have your say and sign the petition here

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