Stop The Ban of Eliquid Flavours


As some of you may have heard, the UK Government are looking at a complete ban of disposable vapes, deeming them harmful to the environment and to our children. With this, comes a look at flavoured e-liquids and they're considering a ban on these too!

The expected outcome is the removal of certain flavours deemed attractive to children such as sweets, desserts and anything tasty and allowing tobacco and menthol products only. In the Netherlands, a similar approach involved restricting flavour compounds allowed in e-liquids to 16 compounds, making it extremely challenging to create any flavour other than menthol and basic tobacco flavours.

Help us fight this before its too late by signing our petition and get our voices heard. It'll take you 30secs and could make all the difference. Either scan the QR or follow the link below

The timeline so far for these discussions:

  • 12th October 2023: The government announced the consultation “Creating a smokefree generation and tackling youth vaping” and responses from the general public opened.
  • 6th December 2023: The government’s consultation closed and the answers were collected.
  • 28th January 2024: Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, announced the government plans to introduced the numerous steps to tackle youth vaping, including the question of banning flavours.
  • 29th January 2024: The responses from the consultation were released, outlining how they plan to tackle it. 
  • 14th February 2024: A petition called “Don’t Ban Flavoured E-Liquids for E-Cigarettes” was released, once it reaches 100,000 signatures, the government will consider it for Parliamentary debate.
  • 12th March 2024: The Government responded to the petition: Full response can be read here
  • 31st May 2024: The Government closed the petition early in time for general elections. The petition reached 54,867 signatures.


The Petition
Don’t ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes

We would like the Government to not ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes. We believe the vaping industry has helped many people quit cigarettes which contain tobacco - a product which is single handily responsible for over 8 million deaths a year across the globe (estimated by WHO).

We believe banning flavoured e-liquids will reduce incentives to switch to vaping, which can help people live longer, healthier lives. Current vapers may decide to return to smoking and become part of the 8 million who sadly die from smoking related diseases each year.

We can get behind the disposable ban, but we believe that banning flavours isn't the answer. We think this could risk a pandemic of underage smokers getting their products from the black market.

In a ASH Smokefree Survery for adult vapers in 2023 found that 47% of the respondents vaped fruit flavours, while only 12% vaped tobacco flavours.