When did you start vaping?
I started vaping in around 2016.

How much did you used to smoke?
Not a huge huge amount, I was still in school so it was mostly just at lunchtimes

How much did you spend on smoking?
Being in school I didn’t actually have money to spend so it was mostly what the older kids bought in.

What made you want to quit?
Stopped liking the taste.

How did you find out about vaping?
2015/16 my dad started working in a vape shop and would show me things from there.

What was your first kit?
My first kit was a pockex, 0.6 coil

What was your first struggles with vaping?
My struggles were finding things that I enjoyed and the obligatory not knowing how to change a coil




What was your favourite flavour to start with?
My favourite flavour in the beginning was Heisenberg(although close second being pinkman!)

How did your vaping journey change?
My vaping journey changed when I started to enjoy what I was using, I moved towards sub-Ohm and I was away from their

What do you think about the ups and downs of the propaganda of vaping?
My thoughts on the propaganda are as follows, it’s good for people to want to know more about the things they use however it’s important that they get them from the right sources and look at who wrote them( the history student coming out in me there!)

What is your current favourite set ups?
My currant fave set up is:  TFV16 with an aspire rhea as my sub ohm
Stubby with a nautilus bridge as my MTL

What is your current favourite Juices?
My fave juice at the moment is spearmint rainbow by juice and power(although shout out to lychee ice for always being banging when I need it to be)