When did you start vaping? 
3 years ago

How much did you used to smoke?
10 roll ups a day

How much did you spend on smoking?
About £100 month

What made you want to quit?
Emille in my ear about it. 

How did you find out about vaping?
Funny story really Emille had bought a load of stuff over from the states this was long before vape shops were a thing, I’m not going to lie I just did not get it and didn’t think it would take off, I was wrong lol

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What was your first kit?
Smok Alien Kit.

What was your first struggles with vaping?  
Leaving my vape behind every time I leave somewhere and having nothing to use?

What was your favourite flavour to start with?

How did your vaping journey change?
I finally found high quality MTL devices, I love the feel of a tight draw and a fair sized cloud but flavour is the most important thing to me.

Did you have any other experiences through vaping?
Running the UK Vaper Lifestyle expo in Manchester was a game changer for me, I was so far out of my comfort zone on that because at that point I was quite new to vaping, I fully embraced the challenge and feel we pulled off a game changing show. The amount of people I met doing the show was unreal but also made some great new friends and associates.

What do you think about the ups and downs of the propaganda of vaping?
I’m just glad that I am standing on the right side of history, it pains me to see the effect of negative headlines. I see so many people day to day that are living proof that vaping is improving people’s lives. 

What is your current favourite set ups?
I’m currently loving the Purge Ally, I also still love the Zeltu it always hits the spot, I tried the new Zeltu mesh pod the other day and it tastes great.

What is your current favourite Juice?
Got salts peachy promise 20mg and in short fill I love downtown central by Fresh Vape Co

If money wasn’t an issue, what set up would you next get?
If money was not a problem I would pay someone to make something personalised, maybe with a tracker device built in so I can find out where I left it, yes that sounds good!