Coils;When & How To Change Them

If you solely use disposables this guide isn't for you as there's no coils to change! but if you use a stock tank, or a pod system with changeable coils keep reading.

How Do Coils Work?
Coils are (as the name suggests) a coiled piece of metal packed with cotton. When you fill up your tank or pod, the e-liquid is absorbed into the cotton and when you take a puff the metal element heats up and causes the vapour.

How Often Should A Coil Be Changed? 
This question is difficult to answer due to all the variables involved - how sweet is the e-liquid being used? How often do you take a puff? Do you take long or short puffs? How much power is running through the coil? but as an average we say 7-10days.

The best indicators that your coil is ready to be replaced are:

  • A burnt taste
  • Little to no flavour
  • Loss of vapour
  • Leaking
  • Device wont let you vape at all (some devices will have an 'error' light that flashes)

*Heavily sweetened e-liquids will shorten the life of your coil as the sugar in the juice will gunk up like a sticky caramel quickly due to the heat being produced. 

How To Change A Coil:
Generally speaking there are 2 types of stock coil - screw fit and push fit. And they are as simple as their names suggest you either screw it in, or push it in. 
You also have replaceable pods which should be treated in the same manner as a coil (these don't have removeable coils, you instead need to replace the entire pod piece) 

If it's a screw fit, be careful not to overtighten as this can cause issues - as soon as it stops itself with no real force its in place. 
If its' a push fit, just check the alignment as some have a shape to them and aren't always perfectly round.
If you have a replacement pod, remove any protective film from the magnets on the base. 

Here's a step by step process on changing a stock coil (only follow the final 3 steps for a replacement pod with no removable coil) 

  • Remove any e-liquid from the tank (you can just open up the fill hole and tip it)
  • Pull out or unscrew your old coil (some tanks may have a circular piece of metal or plastic holding it into place which needs removing 1st)
  • Submerge your empty, coil-less tank into a glass of warm water (this part isn't required, but helps remove any old gunk/fluff/dirt ensuring your new coil will perform at its best) Once clean, remove and dry off.
  • Insert your new coil, and reassemble your tank. 
  • Fill up with the e-liquid of your choice
  • Wait 10mins for the new cotton to fully saturate
  • Vape and enjoy!


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