Recycle Your Vape Products

With the rise in popularity in disposable vapes, it has becoming increasingly apparent that we need to be focusing on recycling our vape products to ensure as little damage is done to our environment as possible.

I'm sure many of you have walked down the street, spotting vape after vape just discarded carelessly on the floor.

As the BBC reported, 5 million disposable vapes are thrown away each week in the UK! More than 10 tonnes of lithium, or enough metal to produce batteries for 1,200 electric cars, might be saved by recycling vapes instead of being thrown away.

How can you do your part?

Disposable vapes and batteries are extremely flammable, creating fire hazards aswell as poisonous hazards to our water and wildlife. With lithium and nicotine also present in disposables, its a recipe for disaster if they are carelessly discarded.

Disposables and external batteries
All 3 of our stores have recycling bins in, simply pop in (even if you didn't get the vapes from us!) and we will take care of the rest.
If you cant get to 1 of our stores, there are plenty of other vape stores around that will be willing to assist you, and the majority of large supermarkets also have battery recycling facilities. Failing that, please follow the link below;
Battery Recycling Locations

If you've upgraded, broken one or simply have no use for yours anymore your local tip will be the best place to take it.
All you have to do is dismantle your tank and place the metal, rubber and glass/plastic in their appropriate bins.

These ones are a little tricker to recycle as they contain circuit boards and often an internal battery. 
If your mod has internal batteries they must be recycled at E-waste Sites 
If your mod has removable batteries, dispose of those as per our above advice and then you’ll need to locate the closest WEEE recycling centre for the rest

Empty Bottles
All e-liquid bottles are widely recyclable. Just pop open the top, give them a rinse out and into the plastic recycling bin they go. 


Recycling not only cuts down on waste, but also preserves priceless materials like lithium. Its our responsibility to be sensible, and leave our planet in a cleaner and safer condition than it is currently for our children, and future generations.