MTL / RDTL / DTL Explained!

MTL / RDTL / DTL Explained!

Wow that's a lot of acronyms! 

Lets start by breaking them down so we understand their meanings:

MTL - Mouth to Lung
RDTL - Restricted Direct to Lung
DTL - Direct to Lung

What Do These Different Styles Mean?
Mouth to Lung
vaping is where most of us start, its a great stepping stone from the cigarettes as its designed to replicate that same feeling. It gives you a tight drawer, whilst delivering higher nicotine levels with little vapour visible on the exhale.
The name comes from the process of drawing vapour into your mouth, and then inhaling it into your lungs.

Direct to Lung (sometimes referred to as sub-hom) is the polar opposite to Mouth to Lung. Instead of going from the mouth to the lung, the vapour is delivered directly to the lungs producing large amounts of vapour on the exhale, and is designed for lower nicotine strengths (typically 3mg or below)
Once you've moved from MTL to DTL you can be pretty confident you'll never go back to those cigarettes again as the sensation is so different. 

Restricted Direct to Lung is the section inbetween, and is actually relatively new to the vape scene but has been a long time needed. Its just like DTL but gives a slightly tighter draw and less vapour (but more vapour than MTL).
This style of vaping is great if you tried both MTL and DTL and it didnt work as it gives the benefits of both and is found mainly in pod systems. 

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