How Do I Make My Own E-Liquid?

Making your own e-liquids can seem daunting, and if you're using standalone flavours (e.g a plain strawberry, plain pineapple) then getting the right ratios can be tricky to make them tasty.
Luckily, e-liquid manufacturers work on these flavour blends for months and months so all you have to do is dilute, shake and enjoy.

You will need the following basic ingredients:

  • VG
  • PG
  • Flavour Concentrates
  • Nicotine (if desired)

We offer ready made VG/PG Mixers Bases so just decided if you want 50/50 or 80/20. Click HERE to read our guide on VG and PG ratios.

Flavour Concentrates are made from PG, and are therefore are very thin in viscosity. You will need to add VG to thicken the e-liquid up to your desired ratio.

Our NiQ Nicotine shots come in 4 variables: 

  • 18mg Freebase 70VG
  • 15mg Freebase 70VG
  • 18mg Freebase 50VG
  • 18mg Salt Nicotine 70VG.

Unsure whether you need freebase or salt? Click HERE to read our guide.

Here's a very simple recipe to start with (you may need to adjust your concentrate amount to get your desired personal preference)

1) Grab your bottle of Mixers Base
2) Empty your 30ml Concentrate bottle into the Mixers Base
3) Add your NiQ Nicotine shots (4 shots of 18mg will make 3mg)
4) Shake it like you're making a cocktail for 30secs.
5) If it is a dessert based flavour, leave to steep/develop for a couple of days in a cool dark area.
6) Vape Away 

This recipe will give you 240ml of 3mg e-liquid at a concentrate % of 12.5%. If you find it too strong reduce the amount of concentrate used. If you want it stronger just add more concentrate from a 2nd bottle! 

If you want to dive into some more specific ratios, we recommend using 1 of the following e-liquid calculators:


View Mixer Bases HERE
View Concentrates HERE
View NiQ Nicotine Shots HERE

We recommend shaking the bottle before every use for a day or 2, as the new ingredients may try separate a little at first.