The Pro's and Con's of Disposables

Taking the vape industry by storm, these vapes are becoming more and more popular by the day...but are they a benefit to the industry and users?

Disposables were first created way back in 2004 but didnt really pick up any momentum until the last few years. Now, its hard to go anywhere without seeing them. 

As convenient as they are, they do come with their own issues including cost effectiveness and damage to the environment. The lists below highlight some of the key areas we believe should be considered.


  • No knowledge needed - simple to use
  • If you lose them, there's no real financial loss
  • Highly available no matter where you are
  • No high cost involved to get started



  • Because no knowledge is needed anyone can sell them. This can be dangerous because it means under age children are finding it easier to purchase and non vape shops could easily misadvise customers.
  • Long term cost - although they seem cheap, consumers pay around £5 for just 1.8ml-2ml of e-liquid. A 10ml e-liquid salt would cost just £4 and give 5x more volume.
  • Roughly 1.3 MILLION disposables hit our landfills every WEEK. With lithium batteries inside each disposable they're difficult to recycle quickly.



We believe these vapes are great for nights out, holidays and areas of our lives like that. But to be used everyday we dont think they're the answer.

If you currently use disposables and are using roughly 6 a week this will be costing you £96 a month based on our multi buy deal of 3 for £12. 

If you was to buy 5 x 10ml Salt Nicotine E-liquids instead (giving you nearly 5ml more e-liquid overall) you'd pay less than £20 (based on no multi buy deals) 

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