Salt Nicotine or Freebase Nicotine?


Freebase nicotine e-liquids have been around since vaping started, and deliver a strong throat hit and are perfect for those looking to vape little and often.
Salt based e-liquids however, were first developed back in 2015 and have since become increasingly popular due to their smoothness. 
We're here to help you understand them and decide which is right for you!

So What are the main differences?
Salt based e-liquids differ from freebase e-liquids mainly in the way they effect your body. By using salt based e-liquids, the body will absorb the nicotine significantly faster than its freebase comparison and thus knocks those cravings on the head faster! On average, after 1 puff on a vape the nicotine will deliver in 10mins with freebase, compared to under 10secs with Salts.

Salt Nicotine is more Ph neutral than freebase, so you'll experience a smoother throat hit even at the highest strength allowed inside the EU of 20mg. So if you want a throat hit, freebase is the way to go, but if you want a smooth and fast nicotine delivery then you may want to consider salt based.

Salt over freebase?
There's so much talk about salts nowadays, you've probably wondered if you should make the switch to them. If you've tried vaping before, or are currently vaping on freebase nicotine and have the following issues/concerns then salt e-liquids could be the answer: 

    • E-Liquid is too harsh and burns your throat
    • Always coughing when taking a vape
    • Can't enjoy the flavours as nicotine is so high
    • Chain vaping as the cravings don't go away

If you're using high powered devices (we would consider this to be anything 50w or above) then salt nicotine wont be your answer, as they're currently only available in low VG bottles. When using high powered devices at the recommend 3mg, nicotine should no longer be the main focus in your vaping journey, and a thicker e-liquid is required (higher VG levels) for higher powered devices to avoid leaking and other issue such as liquid drawing into your mouth, and 'popping/spitting' through the mouth piece (which is caused by the liquid heating up too fast due to its lack of VG/thickness) 

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