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How Many Nicotine Shots Do I Need?

if you require a 3mg eliquid, simply add;

1 x NiQ 18mg Nicotine shot to 50ml of eliquid.
2 x NiQ 18mg Nicotine Shot to 100ml of eliquid
4 x NiQ 18mg Nicotine Shot to 200ml of eliquid.

If you want a higher nicotine strength than 3mg, please note the nic shot may not fit in the standard bottle. The shortfill bottles are designed for a 3mg outcome.

How to add nic shots

What do the different coil numbers mean?

The numbers represented in the coils name show the ohm of that coil.
This is basically its resistance! As a general rule, the closer to 0 the number, the more power it can handle and the more clouds it will produce.(for example 0.25 or 0.4)
This type of vaping is called sub-ohm and is designed for low nicotine levels and thicker eliquids (usually shortfill bottles).
If the coil has an ohm resistance of 1.0 or above, it is designed to be used with higher nicotine levels and thinner eliquids (usually 10ml bottles with nicotine already including, or nicotine salts)

What is a Nicotine salt?

Traditionally, the nicotine we find in eliquids is referred to as 'freebase' and can be notoriously harsh on the throat in higher levels (12mg and above) due to its alkalinity.
The nicotine salts however, deliver higher nicotine levels with a much smoother effect on the throat, whilst entering your bodies system significantly faster than freebase nicotine.
The blood nicotine levels from vaping salts are 4x higher than freebase nicotine.
As a result of the faster effect on killing cravings, and the smoothness it delivers nicotine salts are becoming increasingly more popular amongst vapers.
Nicotine salts are not designed for sub ohm use, and are recommended for people who:
-Want to quit smoking cigarettes
-Tried vaping before but didn't work
-Are looking for high nicotine levels that counter the experience of smoking.

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